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We are always striving to grow our relationships with qualified advisors, regardless if they choose to take on ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager fiduciary responsibilities or not.  Below some of the ERISA 3(38) Investment Managers who have a proven track record of compliance and success with whom we currently partner. 

A growing number of financial advisors are searching for qualified experts to help mitigate the fiduciary responsibilities weighing down their clients.   ERISA Wise, LLC's partnership can help mitigate your client's fiduciary liability, while still embracing and empowering your role as the client's advisor.  Using ERISA Wise, LLC as your 3(16) fiduciary expert can be the key to both retaining your current clients and well as strengthening your position with new clients.  Whether your client is a small employer or a payroll company, we have several turn-key solutions to help mitigate your client's fiduciary liability from defined contribution plans to cash balance plans. 

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